A Cut Above The Rest With C.K Fibre Optic Scissors

A Cut Above The Rest With C.K Fibre Optic Scissors

Tuesday 21st July 2015

C.K tools the leading supplier of quality tools for professional trades, proves it is a cut above the rest with its latest product, the C.K Fibre Optic Scissors.

Combining high performing, quality features with affordability, this toolbox essential is made from high carbon alloy steel, to give a precise, clean cut on specialist material, DuPontTM Kevlar® fibres in fibre optic cables. The molybdenum and vanadium steel alloy blades are hardened to provide up to 1,000 cuts.

Although installing and maintaining fibre optics does not involve live electricity, it is not without risks. Using blunt or poorly crafted scissors to cut through fibre optic cables can fracture the material, leaving behind fine, sharp particles of glass that can get under the skin or in eyes.

Installers can fix or maintain fibre optics with ease, ensuring minimum excess of fibre particles at the point of cutting thanks to the precision hollow-ground, micro-serrated jaw. C.K Fibre Optic Scissors’ acute sharpness will cut through a range of tough materials including upholstery, DuPontTM Kevlar® webbing and plastic canvas, ensuring fibres don’t split or fray to leave behind excessive fine residue particles.

Ergonomically designed with thermoplastic moulded handles to allow a comfortable, firm grip, suitable for right or left-handed use, the C.K Fibre Optic Scissors are both sturdy and lightweight, providing maximum comfort when dealing with tough materials.

Graham Godfrey, brand manager, C.K tools, commented: "We know how important scissors are to our end users, being a tool of everyday use for most. Specialist scissors are essential when dealing with fibre optics, so the C.K Fibre Optic Scissors will ensure user comfort, efficiency, speed and most important of all, safety.“

The expert quality scissors are competitively priced at just £25.52 (rrp ex vat).