Easy Access with C.K tools MightyRod Set

Easy Access with C.K tools MightyRod Set

Friday 2nd September 2016

Understanding the working needs of electricians, C.K tools has introduced the MightyRod Tool Box Cable Rod Set, a convenient cable rod set aiding efficient cable installation in hard to reach, tight spaces.

Supplied in a storage tube sized to fit most tool boxes and bags, the set is easily transported and includes 10 x 33cm rods, which, when combined, creates a total length of 3.3m, offering a convenient and robust alternative to carrying full-length rods.

‘Mighty-Fix’ zinc plated steel connectors feature a slimline design and are glued, indented and crimped, making them able to withstand up to 375kg of tensile pull strength.

The 5mm nylon coated rods are manufactured with a high-sheen fibreglass and resin composite, creating the optimal balance of rigidity and flexibility and minimising the chances of snagging and splintering, even in tight spaces.

For extra functionality the set also includes a 5mm adapter and cable hook, a 190mm coiled steel flexi lead and a mini eye ring, providing all the solutions needed for even the most difficult of cable routing tasks faced by electricians.

Charles Whitfield, New Product Development Manager at C.K tools, commented: “We are always looking to make an electrician’s job easier and safer. With this in mind, the new MightyRod Tool Box Cable Rod set encompasses all of the fantastic features of our standard 10m set in a scaled down size.   With an easy-to-transport design and the ability to store this set in your existing tool box, they’ll always be close at hand when out on a job.”