Get a Grip with C.K tools

Get a Grip with C.K tools

Monday 24th January 2011

Constantly at the forefront of design and innovation, professional tool developer – C.K tools – is leading the market with yet another UK first with the introduction of the new C.K Gel-grip Tape, encompassing the very latest in tape innovation.

Designed and created through collaboration with professional tradesmen, the C.K Gel-grip Tape, available in five vibrant colours, is a product unlike any other available, featuring a unique gel jacket for enhanced grip, protection and comfort.

The pliable gel casing has been purposefully introduced to not only offer outstanding protection when dropped but also to provide exceptional comfort in use. This, teamed with a contoured base and tail for extra control, has seen the C.K Gel-grip Tape become a firm favourite with tradesmen nationwide.

Featuring advanced tape technology, C.K tools has created a tape totally in tune with the demands of the busy tradesman. Available in 5m/16ft and 7.5m/25ft lengths, the groundbreaking C.K Gel-grip Tape, boasting convenient double-sided marking for regular, overhead and vertical measuring, is EC Class II certified, signifying extreme accuracy in measurement to less than 1mm over 3metres.

Measuring up the quality, this phenomenal tape also features a NYLONGTM coated blade, which ensures superior abrasion resistance and durability compared to standard lacquered blades.

For added convenience, a specially designed, next generation end hook, which is wider than the width of the tape and includes two horns on the top, provides grip on the top, bottom and side. And for additional protection, the end hook is securely fastened with three rivets to prevent blade and hook damage on rewind.

As with all C.K tools’ extensive tool innovation, new products are not thrown together but are created as a direct result of the company’s long-standing collaboration with end users - before, during and after tool development. Working in partnership in this way ensures that C.K tools is able to deliver tool solutions that are best suited to the actual work undertaken by professional tradesmen and are matched to each sector’s specific and unique requirements. So it will come as little surprise that a recent survey by C.K tools revealed that seven out of 10 tradesmen prefer the new C.K Gel-grip Tape to their existing tape measure.

Graham Godfrey, C.K tools brand manger commented: “Gel is used for many applications but only recently have we seen the emergence of tools featuring gel. We work hard to develop products that are appropriate to our end users and their professional needs and are delighted to not only be the first to market with a gel tape but to be answering the working needs of today’s busy tradesmen.”