Precision from C.K tools

Precision from C.K tools

Friday 12th June 2015

Recent feedback on wiring hand tools and accessories highlighted a need for accuracy and efficiency when accessing confined wiring circuits. Tapping in to this, C.K tools has created the new Ecotronic ESD range, featuring six Precision Side Cutters, four Precision Pliers and three Precision Wire Stripping Pliers. 


Short for ElectroStatic Discharge, ESD is the rapid release of electrostatic energy when two electrically charged objects are brought into contact with each other.  Electrostatic energy can build up rapidly on a person or object.  Without the correct preventative tools, ESD can damage or destroy sensitive electronic components, particularly during the assembly and maintenance of electronic equipment.   To negate this issue, each tool within the C.K Ecotronic ESD range features specially designed electro-static discharging handles, which dissipate electrostatic charges of up to 10 ohms.


Each new tool in the range has a black oxidised finish for corrosion resistance and reduced glare, especially handy when navigating confined circuits using a hand torch. The smooth-action return spring, combined with the contoured dual component handles offer comfort and ease hand strain during repetitive use.


The new lightweight C.K Ecotronic ESD Side Cutters have been designed with sharp, precision ground cutting edges with an extra full flush cut, suitable for perfectly flush, non-shock cutting.  The special tool steel blade is hardened for long-term cutting performance, and with a variety of different sizes available, the new range offers a solution for any fine electrical/electronic jobs.


Designed for the safe handling of small components in precision applications, such as microelectronics and precision mechanics, the C.K Ecotronic ESD range of Precision Pliers features a pair of Long Snipe Nose pliers with serrated jaws for secure gripping, with rounded outer edges for reduced risk of damage to surrounding components. In addition, the Short Snipe Nose and Flat Nose pliers both have smooth jaws to safely secure wiring in place for cutting, while the Bent Snipe Nose pliers have 45 degree angled tips for special access needs.


For safe and damage free stripping of fine, insulated solid wires, each Wire Stripping Plier in the C.K Ecotronic ESD range has six pre-set blade pairs, suitable for stripping wires of 0.2 – 2.6mm diameter.   Each tool has a pair of integrated shears for cutting soft copper stranded wires of up to 3mm diameter, whilst the serrated plier nose offers a solution for gripping and looping of wires.  A built-in locking mechanism ensures that the Wire Stripping Pliers are safely secured in a closed position when not in use.


Laura Howard, C.K tools product and marketing executive commented: “C.K tools continuously looks to develop its product range for the benefit of the end-user. We work closely with a dedicated focus group of tradesmen to ascertain their day-to-day professional needs and use this invaluable feedback to improve our offering. The introduction of C.K tools Ecotronic ESD range will provide accuracy and efficiency for tradesmen when accessing confined wiring circuits.”