Precision Tweezers from C.K tools

Precision Tweezers from C.K tools

Tuesday 21st July 2015

C.K tools has extended its already popular range of ESD and Precision tools with the addition of new C.K Precision Tweezers.


A total of eighteen new products have been added to the existing range of tweezers, including three anti-magnetic stainless steel tweezers and 15 ESD-safe tweezers.


The extension to the range boasts a comprehensive collection of tweezing products in different shapes, lengths and tip widths for accuracy at varying levels and sizes.


The C.K Precision ESD Tweezers are the latest in an extensive ESD range offered by Carl Kammerling. Short for ElectroStatic Discharge, ESD is the rapid release of electrostatic energy when two electrically charged objects are brought into contact with each other.  Electrostatic energy can build up rapidly on a person or object. 


Without the correct preventative tools, ESD can damage or destroy sensitive electronic components, particularly during the assembly and maintenance of electronic equipment. Each of the 15 new tweezers in the C.K Precision ESD range features a special black epoxy coating, which dissipates electrostatic charges of up to 105-106 ohms, ensuring complete safety.


Designed for intricate gripping, positioning and handling of small components in precision applications, such as microelectronics and precision mechanics, the C.K Precision Tweezers are anti-magnetic to prevent electro-magnetic damage occurring during work.


The precision welded joint on each piece ensures a consistent, repetitive action for safety and accuracy at a critical level. Each new tool in the range has a matte finish for corrosion resistance and reduced glare, especially useful when handling intricate work in electronic and precision manufacturing.


Laura Howard, C.K tools product and marketing executive commented: “Carl Kammerling continuously looks to develop its product range for the benefit of the end-user. Our very stringent quality control measures and use of the highest quality materials ensures the most effective tools for the job are manufactured.