Masonry Drill Bits

Masonry Drill Bits

Masonry Drill Bits

Forged steel with tungsten carbide tip for durability. Optimised design for fast and accurate drilling of concrete, stone and brick. 

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Product Variants

T3110 0475
T3110 0585 5mm 85mm
T3110 05150 5mm 150mm
T3110 05585 5.5mm 85mm
T3110 055150 5.5mm 150mm
T3110 06100 6mm 100mm
T3110 06150 6mm 150mm
T3110 065100 6.5mm 100mm
T3110 065150 6.5mm 150mm
T3110 07100 7mm 100mm
T3110 07150 7mm 150mm
T3110 08150 8mm 150mm
T3110 10150 10mm 150mm
T3110 12150 12mm 150mm
T3110 13150 13mm 150mm
T3110 14150 14mm 150mm
T3110 16150 16mm 150mm
diameter drill bit overall length