Investing in the future of electricians

At CKI we believe in investing in the future. Our ‘Bright Sparks by CKI’ college sponsorship scheme provides free C.K Tools for use in college workshops, ensuring that students and electrical apprentices train using quality hand tools that are ‘designed for professionals’.

Bright Sparks by CKI now provides sixty colleges across the UK and Ireland with a selection of quality C.K Tools to use while training, helping to ensure the future development of professionals within the industry, while also promoting the use of the safest and best quality hand tools.

Supporting the next generation of tradespeople is high on the agenda at CKI, which, since 2003, has supported over 50,000 students as part of its Bright Sparks by CKI initiative. We believe that investing in the future of the trade industry and tradespeople is the best way to ensure that the continued legacy of high quality electricians is kept alive.

Staying connected

Staying connected will be an integral part of the Bright Sparks by CKI scheme. We want to bring together a community of Bright Sparks by CKI colleges by giving our ever-growing social media audience an insight into how students are progressing in their studies, using our C.K Tools, or any special events that occur such as award ceremonies, awarding exceptional students with C.K Tools kits and prizes and certificates for their progression and efforts during their college year.


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