135 Split Point HSS Drill Bits

135 Split Point HSS Drill Bits

135 Split Point HSS Drill Bits

C.K 135° split point HSS drill bits are designed for the fast and effortless penetration of metal. Easy start, split point tips prevent ‘drill walk’, and ground flutes provide greater accuracy compared to rolled flutes for a cleaner cut. 

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Product Variants

T3100 01 1mm 12mm 34mm Loose
T3100 01TD 1mm 12mm 34mm Twin Pack
T3100 015 1.5mm 18mm 40mm Loose
T3100 015TD 1.5mm 18mm 40mm Twin Pack
T3100 02 2mm 24mm 49mm Loose
T3100 02TD 2mm 24mm 49mm Twin Pack
T3100 025 2.5mm 30mm 57mm Loose
T3100 025TD 2.5mm 30mm 57mm Twin Pack
T3100 03 3mm 33mm 61mm Loose
T3100 03TD 3mm 33mm 61mm Twin Pack
T3100 035 3.5mm 39mm 70mm Loose
T3100 035TD 3.5mm 39mm 70mm Twin Pack
T3100 04 4mm 43mm 75mm Loose
T3100 04TD 4mm 43mm 75mm Twin Pack
T3100 045 4.5mm 47mm 80mm Loose
T3100 045TD 4.5mm 47mm 80mm Twin Pack
T3100 05 5mm 52mm 86mm Loose
T3100 05D 5mm 52mm 86mm Single Pack
T3100 055 5.5mm 57mm 93mm Loose
T3100 055D 5.5mm 57mm 93mm Single Pack
T3100 06 6mm 57mm 93mm Loose
T3100 06D 6mm 57mm 93mm Single Pack
T3100 065 6.5mm 63mm 101mm Loose
T3100 065D 6.5mm 63mm 101mm Single Pack
T3100 07 7mm 69mm 109mm Loose
T3100 07D 7mm 69mm 109mm Single Pack
T3100 08 8mm 75mm 117mm Loose
T3100 08D 8mm 75mm 117mm Single Pack
T3100 09 9mm 81mm 125mm Loose
T3100 09D 9mm 81mm 125mm Single Pack
T3100 10 10mm 87mm 133mm Loose
T3100 10D 10mm 87mm 133mm Single Pack
T3100 11 11mm 94mm 142mm Loose
T3100 11D 11mm 94mm 142mm Single Pack
T3100 12 12mm 101mm 151mm Loose
T3100 12D 12mm 101mm 151mm Single Pack
T3100 13 13mm 101mm 151mm Loose
T3100 13D 13mm 101mm 151mm Single Pack
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