TCT Holesaws

  • Tungsten Carbide Tip (TCT) for exceptional cutting performance across mild and stainless steel, cast iron and copper up to a 12mm thickness.
  • 3-point variable cutting edge for maximum contact whilst minimising heat build-up.
  • High tension spring for rapid slug ejection.
Item No.
Icon Size
Icon Diameter
Icon Box Quantity
T3203 016 TCT Hole Saw 16mm 16mm 12mm 6
T3203 020 TCT Hole Saw 20mm 20mm 12mm 6
T3203 022 TCT Hole Saw 22mm 22mm 12mm 6
T3203 025 TCT Hole Saw 25mm 25mm 12mm 6
T3203 032 TCT Hole Saw 32mm 32mm 12mm 6
T3203 038 TCT Hole Saw 38mm 38mm 12mm 6
T3203 040 TCT Hole Saw 40mm 40mm 12mm 6